What is Transcodium

Transcodium旨在以非常实惠的价格提供第一个具有高质量和可靠的计算能力的点对点去中心化文件编辑、代码转换和分发平台。 这将为愿意租用闲置的机器作为工作人员的用户创造一个全球市场。 此外,在处理结束时,工作人员(处理器)将被奖励可以兑换成任何货币的代币,或者可以出售给需要这些代币的客户(发起人)以用于我们的平台。
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移动钱包 + 矿工

TNS Miner will have an integrated TNS Money Wallet which will immediately store the mined TNS.


TNS Money wallet will support multiple cryptocurrencies making it easy to store your favourite tokens/coins.


Transcodium thinks about security hence every transaction over the network will have end-to-end encryption.


There will be a built-in exchange for the wallet user to help them exchange between different cryptocurrencies.


The console API & visual editing studio will be provided to process heavy editing and transcoding jobs from individuals and brands.


The incentive modal of TNS in return of renting processing power will help the network expand and generate huge processing power making transcoding ultra fast.

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With help from our teams & contributors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

The news

New Site Template..

New Site Template Above is the redesign of the new frontend template for Transcodium’s main website, it will be launched on August, 3nd 2018. New Team Member We are happy to introduce our new UI designer Sudipta. She is currently handling the template redesign task.

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  • Jul
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The Release of snapshot version of the TNS-Mothership

We have successfully released a snapshot version of the TNS-Mothership account module for testing, at this stage, it is not ready for production so it is deployed on the test server and domain. We invite our community members and everyone interested to help support...

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  • Jul
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Access Monitoring, Logging & Alert

Above is the UI of the new Transcodium account system, over the past days, our team has been working tirelessly to improve the security of the system with new features. Below are some of the new features we worked on.

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  • Jul
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